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Sally Neuert

About the Artist

Artist Statement

Diversity is the spark of inspiration that is central to my art. My artwork follows a traditional path but is infused with many non-traditional ideas that alter the direction slightly. The path is not always planned which allows me to use color, texture, and line in a way that creates a raw, interpretive look. My artwork embraces the theme, "Art is in the differences."

About my Paintings
I find the human face fascinating. Portraiture is not only creating a likeness of the person but capturing the very essence of the individual soul. I resist the use of expected color in my portraits and figurative work. I try to achieve a loose, fresh simplicity of form that leads the eye to finish what is left unsaid. The flowing movement of the strokes is an energizing process for me. Color, line and motion are a recurring vision in my mind. My portraits and figurative work, whether they are done in oils, pastels or drawings, always remain open to interpretation.

About my Jewelry
I've always loved the patina of old objects. I was enchanted by creating small vignettes using the most exquisite jewelry when I was a visual stylist for a high end jewelry store in Chicago. I love the challenge of bringing unusual pieces together. In an unplanned approach, I discovered by blending elements of the past and present I could create a unique and bold kind of jewelry. My jewelry designs have to incorporate the patina of the past in order to make a stylish statement for the future. I want women to feel they are wearing a one-of a kind piece of art, a kind of urban whimsy.

Sally has been trained at the American Academy of Art, Evanston Art Center, Highland Park Art Center and the Palette and Chisel Academy in painting and drawing. She is a member of the Chicago Artist Coalition, Edgewater Artists in Motion, and the Evanston Art Center.